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Comments about Reiki

Sandra López Sánchez

The explications are very good and the course is very interesting. For me, the most important thing is feeling "in tune" with the teacher.

Reiki 1 course, February 2018


Andrew Sawyer

Really enjoyed the course. Learnt more than I thought I would about self healing. Will learn more for level 2.

Reiki 1 course, February 2018


Lesley McInnes

Thank you Graham for introducing me to Reiki. The course was enjoyable, practical and informative.  I couldn't believe the emotions it stirred up, but feel that I can look at them and now accept them. I feel more relaxed and ' lighter' somehow. I wish I had done this years ago. Thanks again Graham xx

Reiki 1 course, October 2011


Mick Hill

Thank you for a wonderful course, I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki, very informative and relaxing at the same time.

I learnt a lot from Graham ie. watching and listening and I felt I learned far more than I ever thought I could.  I learned more about myself in a short space of time which made me feel good and more confident.  I am looking forward to using the Reiki.

Reiki 1 course, October 2011


Elaine Hill

Elaine Hill

Thank you very much for the course and most of all for accepting to be my teacher.  The course was wonderful and the attunement was fantastic, felt as though I had come home again., I am so happy. I can recommend this course to anyone who is searching for something or feeling as though something is missing, I was made very welcome and placed at ease. Graham is also a good listener.  Thankyou.

Reiki 1 course, August 2011



I just want to thank you for the time and effort given by yourself on the Reiki 1 course. I found it very beneficial to myself and feel it has given me the confidence to follow my dreams and go for what I really want to achieve in life.

Reiki 1 course, July 2011


Nina Vamstad

Honestly I just want to say I feel grateful and privileged to have the opportunity to feel and "to be one" with this lovely energy.
Reiki 2 was fantastic! WOW!

Reiki 2 course, January 2011



Nina Vamstad

I really loved your course! It was fantastic. Wonderful! After - I felt so clean! And I would love to do the Reiki 2, already looking forward to it. This really helps me, filles me with good energy and calms the inner me. I feel the energy gets stronger each day I do the self treatment! Love it!  :)

Reiki 1 course, September 2010


Joanna Medinilla

I absolutely loved the course and have been doing reiki just before i go to bed and have managed to sleep 8 to 9 hours every single day for the first time in 3 years!!

Reiki 1 course August 2010


Josephine Medinilla

I loved the course and definitely would like to do reiki 2 further on with you! Thank you for the great hospitality in your home and for making this course so interesting!

Reiki 1 course August 2010


Samanta Fuster

Loved the course,and for once I am lost for words, simply WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Reiki 2 course, May 2008


Elle Moriarty

Hi Graham, just a few words to tell you just how much I really enjoyed the course and I'm already benefitting from it.
I'm really enjoying giving reiki to other people and healing myself. I know I will benefit from it in the future enormously.

Reiki 2 course, May 2008


Robert Chesney

Sincere thanks for the Reiki 2 course at the weekend. The professional, thorough & fun way you run the course was greatly appreciated. Not only does that make it very enjoyable, but your approach clearly emphasises the benefits of practising Reiki. Highly motivational, I can assure you!
I already begin to experience definite beneficial change, & the months of tension I have had finally seem to be dissolving. Even my exercise routine is more flowing & relaxed. I greatly look forward to the greater benefits to come!
Again, sincere & heartfelt thanks!

Reiki 2 course, March 2008

Eunice O'Rourke

T hank you so much for a wonderful Reiki workshop over the week-end . The experience was life changing and I know I will go forward in my life with a more positive attitude knowing that I can give healing to myself for many past and present issues and problems.
I had thought previously that " this is how your life is so get on with it" but I now know that this isn't how it has to be and with the help of Reiki I know I can become more whole and a being of true love and light.
To-day I feel calmer and "lighter " somehow - I haven't lost any weight but I do feel less heavy!
I now believe I can call on the energy to be there for me whenever I want it and I know I am not alone anymore . It is both comforting and reassuring knowing that the universe is there for me - to support me and to help me - I feel I have connected with a long lost friend.

Reiki 2 course, March 2008


Elle Moriarty

I'm feeling the benefits already,my hands are much better and virtually pain free but more importantly I'm feeling good inside. Thank you, I hope this path that you showed me is the first step of my journey and I really can't wait to experience my own self power and watch it grow, you sowed the seed I will tend it and bring it to bloom. I'm already looking forward to Sunday. Once again a very big thank you

Reiki 1 course January 2008

Eunice O'Rourke

Thanks Graham for a wonderful experience and for connecting me to the Universal Reiki Healing Energy - I recommend this course to everyone who has ever wondered if they too can channel healing energy - believe me - you can .

Reiki 1 course November 2007


Samanta Fuster
Fantastic, you really have to do the course to see what I am talking about; Liberating, emotional, spiritual and very very exciting. Cant wait to do Reiki II

Reiki 1 course November 2007

Robert Chesney

I cannot thank you enough for the course itself. You made it extremely enjoyable & a very pleasant experience. Your relaxed, informative & straightforward manner made it fun. Your approach & obvious 'Energy', an excellent recommendation in itself!
I very much look forward to experiencing the benefits of Reiki that you clearly enjoy! After 2 days, I have a sneaking suspicion that that may already be begining!

Reiki 1 course November 2007


Laurie Scott

Thank you for a great 2 day course of Reiki Healing - I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and didn't realise I had so much healing energy at my fingertips - A very valuable experience and I look forward to level 2

Reiki 1 course November 2007


Ana Pineda
I think that Reiki 3 is the best thing that I have done in my life. I feel optimistic, new, happy, it feels as though I have new glasses through which I see life with a peace that I have never had before.
I want to tell you that I am very satisfied with the course and the results of the course. I would like to thank you and also thank you on behalf of my sister. After sending her Reiki by distance during the course, she is really well, she hardly believes it. During the treatment she felt half asleep, she could hear what was happening around her but couldn´t move. The results in her health has been notable and she has improved very rapidly…
Kisses, Ana

Reiki 3 course October 2007

Janie Forbes

During the initiation Jesus appeared behind my right shoulder and I kept seeing this beautiful deep deep purple was like purple clouds going round and round in circles...and spiraling up and up.........taking me with them. The following morning I felt like a new person.....I felt inner strength.....not an aggressive strong but a very soft strength (also very difficult to describe).......I feel life will never be the same........

Reiki 3 course October 2007


Laura Zea

Roberto Lopez

Hi Graham, we are Roberto and Laura. Just to tell you that we loved the course and we are trying to apply ourselves every day, giving ourselves a self treatment although actually we are giving Reiki to almost everything, water, plants, food etc.
Yesterday I was practicing with someone at work and she was amazed. She had a bad headache and at the end of the afternoon she went home feeling much better.

Reiki 1 course October 2007

I think the first thing that hit me when I entered Graham's flat was the feeling of comfort and belonging. I just felt like I should be there. I had been feeling less positive and also very tired for some months and could not find a way to reignite the energy that I usually have flowing from me in abundance. The Reiki II course changed that and re-energised me completely. I felt centred again after the first day and by the end of the second, I felt this overwhelming sense of peace.

Graham's style of teaching allows you to make up your own mind about how you relate to Reiki and to what happens to you and your body/spirit when you are in contact with Reiki energy. He asked us how we felt and then actually listened to the answer. I had a fabulous weekend and have been so happy ever since. My energy is back and I feel just like me again which is really lovely.

Grace, Reiki 2 course, April 2006

Just wanted to thank you for the course, it was really nice. We both have noticed some changes we believe is the Reiki:

- everything seems to run more smoothly, solutions just come up without any real efforts, you think about something you want to happen and it happens, you think about people and they call you
- we are both more sensitive to food, smells and toxins in detergents etc. and are trying to avoid the things we react to
- the brain seems to work better ;)
- we feel calmer and more satisfied
- we notice appreciate the small things; a sunset, flowers, blue sky etc…..

So we will defiantly try to make Reiki a part of our life, it just works!!!!!!

Thanks again, see you soon, Big hugs from Turid and Ammar


Diego Espada
For me, Reiki, which I had heard of years ago really surprised me a lot. After the first degree initiation I felt a calm and serenity that I had never felt before in all of my life; a calm that has continued up to this moment in time. At first when I was giving Reiki it was very subtle and I hardly noticed the effects apart from the fact that my hands felt hot and sometimes a tingling in my legs. But looking back I realize that the changes were slow but certain. Now I feel the energy much more and have a consciousness of the Energy if I can call it that. Reiki has changed the direction of my life and my DIRECTION. And I know that I will continue along this path.

Africa Garcia
Since I took Reiki 1, I am a new person, renewed; I feel younger and prettier, with more light in my face and eyes. Even when I get angry it seems different because before I was very impulsive and aggressive and ended up storming out of the house. Now it is different, I think over what has happened and end up seeing things with a better feeling of reality.
I feel that I have grown as a person, that I see life differently, more positively with better more adequate ways of dealing with things. Above all I treat myself better, I love myself more. When I go out, the people who know me look at me as if they are asking themselves what has happened to her, what a change? I feel happy, stronger, beautiful.

Pedro Suarez
For my point of view, I have got exactly what I was looking for from the course. It helps me relax and feel much better and I am able to do that myself!. But also it has opened new doors that I didn't expect, but they are there.

Katja Kaiser,
Maestra de Reiki
Reiki has helped me in many ways by bringing a balance to my body, mind, emotions and spirit. By making me feel a great happiness, inner peace and tranquility in my life. It helps me constantly to speed up my body's own healing process in cuts, burns and bruises. But it also helps shorten illnesses such as the flu and sinusitis. It has changed my view of life helping me to avoid stress and to accept day to day occurrences with more tranquility. Reducing worries and problems and alleviating emotional pain. Reiki has become an essential part of my life and I use it from morning to night.


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